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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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while, all because of a flub with tsa screening systems. things are back online and they have been conducting several tests overnight to try to figure out where the system had the air light last night. bags were being driven to other airports en route to their owner. talk about good days and bad days at the airport, not a fun one for a lot of folks. >> and we might hear about what happened in pea mix when the tsa talks about summer travel this afternoon. ts am administrator and jeh johnson will be at reagan international, expected to talk about your safety and how they are getting ready for an increase in travelers in the coming months. happening today, the suspect in the sandra levy case is heading back to court for a status hearing. he's all rigready said for a ne trial after what his attorneys said a key witness gave false testimony. levy was killed in 1.
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because levy was a capitol hill intern who was having an affair with then congressman gary condit. the new undersecretary for health will go before a judge. dr. richard stone is accused of assault, a man says he slammed him against an ice rink at a school hockey game. it is time for your weather and traffic on the 1s. and some weird stuff was happening. it was like misty, not enough to get an umbrella, but bad enough to ruin your hair. >> i took it out. i'm a fragile soul. >> and your hair is a wreck. that's always a risk. >> 15 days in a row, but the streak is dead. how about 16 out of 17 and 17 out of 18 tomorrow? two quick moving rain chances today and
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no sign of any may warmth in the future. right now temperatures in the low 60s. radar shows a couple complete sprinkles moving into the west side. there will be more rain chances later on today. here is the timing out of it. by 8:00, it's into the metro just about the time for lunch. but with progress, we should get all those showers out of here by 2:00 or 3:00 at the latest. that would leave it nice for baseball. we'll have that forecast coming up. melissa's hair was not affected. in o . >> oh, it was. but thank you. 4 inbound slow because of a crash. ship let boulevard near burke lake road, still have those lanes shut down for that collision.
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going to take you 9 minutes on time, but you can see the mist in the distance. a year ago, a series of events began to unfold leading to a horrific discovery inside a d.c. mansion. darren weis accused of killing m hostage before he killed them and set the house on fire. he pled not guilty to 20 felony charges earlier this year. he is due back in court on may 20. today
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deadly stabbing will head back in court. investigators say spires tried to rob sutherland as the train approached. sutherland was stabbed 30 times. this man is a person of interest in a voyeurism case. the incident happened last week. police say a man reported seeing someone who appeared to be videotaping him with a phone from inside a bathroom stall. depend police say the man seen in the surveillance video is a person of interest. if you recognize him, d.c. police would like to hear from you. developing story this morning, public schools may risk losing federal funding if they do not allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their identity. that directive was issued by the obama administration yesterday. leaders say public schools are obligated to only gated to treat transgender if a way that matches their
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tell right vigil honoring law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. 252 fallen officers will be remembered. and their names will be added to the national law enforcement memorial on the national mall. at tonight's ceremony, their names will be read aloud. also today, maryland governor larry hoe began will speak at the state police fallen heros ceremony at 11:00. another ceremony will pay tribute to six officers lost in arlington county at the justice center plaza. this morning at 8:00. 4:35. we turn to decision 2016. donald trump is take thinking the day off. bust is in north dakota. hillary clinton does not have any public events scheduled today. in a f few minute, edward lawree will preview the day ahead. and the former director
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the ds republican party will be sentenced. robert turner pled guilt it in february to a charge of first degree fraud in connection to the stealing of more than $7,000 from the organization. as part of the plea agreement, turner must pay back that money. a solar powered airplane has landed in oklahoma after taking off from arizona on the latest leg of its around the world journey. it started thif march of last yr in abu dhabi. now that it's in the u.s., the silver impulse 2 will have one more stop in the u.s. before heading to europe or even northern africa. e flight speed is about 28 miles per hour or i think it can double that when the sun's rays are the strongest. new developments thin the abduction of a tennessee girl. what we're learning about her rescue. and did
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imagine not being allowed to spend that money. the local city that it's happening to and why they need congress to act. and looking live outside where the rain is coming down in some areas. don't put away the rain foots just yet. a
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developing story out of
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tennessee. a young girl abducted by her uncle is alive and okay. two men found the 9-year-old yesterday in a remote wooded area. they held will the girl's uncle at gunpoint up tell poli point arrived. solocal tax dollars are locd up until congress gives approval because d.c. is treated like a federal agency. three quarters of their budget comes from local funds. house republicans are now working on a bill that would subject d.c. officials to civil penalties and criminal prosecution for spending local money without approval. fast approaching 4:41. we've made to the end of the week, but we still have rain to deal with. >> chuck bell, look at that picture. not necessarily the best way to start your friday. >> not messily. but i promise you it will be the complete opposite of
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now. so by 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon, clouds, fog and rain chances moving on out and sunshine moving back in. right now a little bit of light rain moving in to frederick and montgomery counties pulling out of loudoun and fairfax. so there will be rain chances early this morning and more rain coming in around lunchtime today. that's when the heaviest of the rain is likely. so just sprinkles this morning. likely going to have indoor recess. showers, maybe a rum dell or two of thunder. highs in the low to mid-70s. but then the sunshine will come out. the "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. a crash here again in burke, we had this fatal crash investigation overnight that hit and run investigation. just got off the phone with megan mcgrath. that has now cleared. shiplett boulevard near burke lake road, all lanes are now opened. 4 inbound at ritchie-marlborrit all delays are getting out of the way. mo
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university, left lane getting by that work zone. gw parkway southbound at turkey run, pothole work. and 95 at mine, looking quite good. flori flori . the battle begins for a battleground state. how the debate over donald trump in virginia could play a role in decision 2016. and just hours after he puts a gun that killed trayvon martin on the auction block, the sale is stopped. what put things on hold for georgzimmerman.e
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we have more fighting between the border between turkey and iraq. and a military
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septembsent to that crash and the two pilots died, as well. the big question today in the race for the white house, did donald trump do enough in his washington summit with paul ryan to get republican party leadership on board with his campaign for the presidency? house speaker paul ryan called the meeting with trump encouraging, but still did not endorse him. edward lawrence has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: and that is the big takeaway. no endorsement from house speaker paul ryan. he did say what he liked what donald trump had to say, but again, he is not ready to endorse him. donald trump all shils when he went into try to mend fences and try to unify the republican party. by all accounts the meeting went well between the leaders. there were protests outside the meeting, but that did not stop the momentum. on the d.c. side, hillary clinton said she would not comment about trump's meeting or the meeting wth
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republicans. however senator bernie sanders said republicans are still very guided stressing in a general election they would feel the brn oig. he surprised most of his colleagues with staying power in this president is hal race. he's made it so hillary clinton cannot turn and focus on the republicans. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. and while donald trump is working overtime to get gop leadership behind will his campaign, virginians seem split. ken cuccinelli suggested unconvinced conservatives would stay home in november. some it is miss that talk and say elected republicans need to support the party's nominee. >> any elected republican who does not come behind the republican nominee, the person that the people have chosen, those people do not belong in our party anymore. >> virginia like ohio and florida is considered a
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s mayor of district heights maryland found tdead. police don't know what killed james walls, but they don't exempt fo expect foul play. he was found dead in his car around noon yesterday. he was the you thingest ever to elected mayor this district heights. florida and police are looking for a motive in the death of sheldon robinson. he was shot along ely place southeast down the street from the nationals youth baseball academy. it's business as usual as joint base andrews this morning. the air force base was locked down yesterday evening after a woman walked into the visitors center and said she had a bomb. police took her into custody and discovered she did not have any explosives. the main gate is back open today. kaya henderson is the subject of
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they accuse henderson of asking city contractors to donate to a teacher gala. food service company chart wells gave $50,000. ethics rules prohibit city workers from asking for money from companies that work with the city. the antonin scalia law school is closer to reality at george mason university. they voted in support of the name change. the university's president supports the change and the maim wi fa name will be considered for final approval next week. you can learn to be a casino dealer. mgm still needs to hire thousands of employees. a lot of people turned out for the dealer openhouse on tuesday. it now needs 700 dealers and more than 3,000 new employees overall before that grand opening later this year. >> we'll give you the skills to become a dealer. just come with a positive attitude and a
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face. >> fast hands, too. 40% of those workers have to come from prince george's county per mgm's agreement with the county. classes start monday in oxon hill. it may not feel like it, but in a few weeks area swimming pools will be open. if we could only get some swimming weather, chuck bell. and to get ready today, the pool readiness tour. tours will be conducted with officials from the department of parks and recreation along with the department of general service. council member cheh will be conducting the tours to make sure that the facilities are ready by the start of the pool season which begins memorial day weekend. this year outdoor pools will open two hours earlier. this is what is going to happen in d.c. we'll have the cold cool rainy weather and boom, 95 degrees and humid. in i can hear the complaints already, we never had a spring, we went right from winter to
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>> i read something the other day that said this this summer is supposed to be like the worst. >> no. >> like pretty hot. >> but after we had the blizzard, at the present time we get a break? >> keep in mind the '08910 tate winter, that 2010 was the record number of 90 degree days ever. we had 67 days over 90 following snowpocalypse and snowmageddon and all that. heavy snow winters do not necessarily mean cool summers at all. and you think it's bad around here, i had a twitter conversation with a buddy of mine at channel 7 in seattle, washington. and i asked him what is the record number of rainfall days in seattle. the other washington. we set our record at 15. the record in seattle, 33 days. so you think it's tough away here, we only made to
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halfway point. we have a fast moving rain chance coming in on us this morning. a quick return to sunshine by late this afternoon and it will be dry. cook outside this evening, although the grass may be about yay high about now. a little bit of rain in nin montgomery county. those are moving out. the ones in west virginia are moving in. we can show you future weather here. showers likely on the shenandoah valley by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. that first rain chance in the metro between about 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. and then a chance for a rumble or two of thunder. here is 1:00 this afternoon, that little enhanced area of yellow, that could be a line of thundershowers, but by 2:00, 3:00, skies clear, sunshine returning, birds chirping. you'll love it. it will be a beautiful afternoon and evening. so here is your planner then for today. clouds and showers, but then clearing out and turning nice and
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and a dry start early saturday morning. but here is 2:00 saturday afternoon, rain likelys tomorrow between about 11:00 in the more than and about 5:00 or 6:00 saturday afternoon. here is your "7-day forecast." a rumble or two of hunger possible both today and tomorrow. highs in the 70s. sunshine is back on sunday, but it will be blustery and chilly. highs only in the low 60s on sunday. and then more rain chances tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. now over to melissa. not good news here this morning. so remember a couple minutes ago, i told you 70 east at 144, a lane getting by. right now we just found out there is a crash there, it is a shut down 70 eastbound at east patrick street. so we're trying to figure out what is going on. from 70 down to the spur, going to take you 27
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you're on time there and don't have any big time worries on 270 northbound or southbound. rolling along just fine. gw parkway south at turkey run, a poet hole there. and northbound fwrg avengeorgia left lane getting by there. beltway at st. barnabas, rolling along just fine. we'll check on back in ten minutes. fwornlg zimmermageorge zimmo auction off a gun hits a snag. whether that gun is still up to grabs. several area high school students suspended, but not just for a day or two. why they won't be back in class for the rest of the year. and start searching the couch cushions now.
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come take a look, we are seeing fog again this morning. and no surprise rain, too. but chuck bell says we could be eating contindinner outside. the hour by hour forecast at 5:01. and the website used to august off george zimmerman's gun is back up this morning. it had crashed due to the high volume of traffic. zimmerman has received a torrent c
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gun. he says it's his right. >> what i decided to do is not coward. i ccan do what i like with my possessions. >> talking about profiting from the loss of a child. it's very hurtful. >> zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in martin's death. a dozen students have been suspended for a year. culpeper leaders are not saying much except that the suspension stems from allegations of high school conduct involving some of its student-athletes. a student we talked to says there are claims of locker room high school conduct. parents believe the school should communicate a severity to the parents. >> i support teaching the kids a lesson, educating them, but i do not support people expelling them for that length of time. >> students have handed out more than 300 wrist bands to supporters. some parents have hired
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decision. at this time the students are not facing criminal charges. it is already costing you more to park in d.c. and the price on parking meters is going up. the increase was planned for june 1st, but already it affects all away town. in premium areas you will have to pay as much as $2.30 an hour. so-called normal soip zones wit between $70 and $2.30 in area. most areas that went up in price is wet worth and 14th street fear columbia heights. sprb prepapresident obama ig to toast at a lavish state dinner. it will feature the theme of shadow i spaces in the arctic night. braised beef short ribs and tuna are on the menu. guests will sit at long rustic
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wooden tables with column of ice, ferns and bees wax cap den. 70 east is shut down after east patrick street because of a three car crash. we did have a construction zone here. no word a whether they're related. now a crash and are shut down there on 70 east. otherwise 270 at old hundred, don't have any big problems there. gw parkway remember southbound near turkey run, have the left lane blocked because of a pothole. 66 and 95, no major issues. northbound georgia after university, left lane getting by that work zone. i'll be back with more on the problem on i-70. we're approaching 5:00. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check the forecast with chuck bell. a little misty out there. >> not a pretty start.
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yesterday all cloud cover all day with only a sliver or two of sunshine, but no rain yesterday. so the rainfall streak ended. but not by much. light rain out there early this morning. there is more rain coming late this morning to early afternoon hours. a few light drops gobetween now and 7:00 a.m. showers moving in and could have thunder up to about 1:00 this afternoon. rain ending after 4:00. it will be a nice night to sit outside and eat dinner or mow the lawn. the search is on for the driver in a deadly hit and run. this happened near capella road and shiplett boulevard. that's where we find megan mcgrath with more information. >> reporter: well, police are looking for a dark colored sedan. that's the only description of


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